BEAMA’s membership CRM re-energised

smartmembership implementation including:

  • Corporate membership management
  • Events management
  • Committees management
  • Integrated website
  • Group fund accounts
  • Sage finance integration

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The Challenge

In the last decade BEAMA has absorbed several trade associations and inherited a legacy of different processes. Jo Cook, Marketing Communications Manager of BEAMA, explains, “BEAMA has a complex organisational and data structure centred around access to hundreds of committees and special interest groups globally. In total, the organisation incorporates more than 20 associations and commercial committees with technical committees reporting into them.”

Keeping records for such a diverse membership proved challenging. “Each member belongs to at least one group. We recorded this information using an in-house database, spreadsheets and individual staff knowledge. Information was shared informally and there was lots of working in ‘silos’ with various working practices. Changes in the association also meant that our data was no longer fit for purpose and another solution was required.”

BEAMA’s website also needed a makeover, “We wanted to improve our website to enhance collaboration online and streamline the distribution and personalisation of the information sent to members, as many were complaining about email overload.”

Our Solution

We chose smartimpact because they understand the needs of associations. During the project they were flexible and quick to react when new pieces of information came to light.



smartimpact’s smartmembership platform has helped BEAMA manage memberships, committees and events. The migration of BEAMA’s existing data involved extensive cleansing and de-duplication, producing a smaller more accurate database.

smartmembership helps to keep records of our members, their contacts, which group(s) they are members of and their roles, as well as how the groups relate to each other and external groups.”

“The data has been synchronised with the website to allow individual contacts to receive information relevant to their interests and groups. We also hold information on our brands and associations for our members’ use to drive the website’s member directory. It is useful that all tabs and fields in the CRM system can be modified to match our association’s terminology too. The system has consolidated and standardised practices across the organisation.”

“The event management component allows us to set up events, plan expenditure, report against forecast versus actual and link through to the website for online sign-up and payment.”

BEAMA can also profile members’ needs by demographic to produce targeted marketing campaigns that deliver relevant information and services to meet the different needs of members. The system also stores meeting minutes, notes and details of committees and group members in one place.


“We chose smartimpact because they understand the needs of associations,”says Jo.“During the project they were flexible and quick to react when new pieces of information came to light.”

BEAMA has found the system flexible with the changing needs of the organisation. “We are currently expanding the system to synchronise with our finance department’s Sage 200 software to improve the information available to budget holders. Before, staff had to ask someone in the finance department and manually add the figures to different spreadsheets. The new system is much more user-friendly and information-rich as the data can be analysed in a number of ways.”

“Overall, smartimpact impressed because they genuinely wanted to solve our business problems and deliver a system that does just that rather than one that simply meets the spec."