PEI publicise CRM success with smartimpact

Re-launch failing Dynamics CRM system, moving the system to the cloud and introducing new functionality, including:

  • Subscription management and fulfilment - online and print
  • Advertising sales with diary and pipeline management
  • Sales analysis and reports with real-time dashboards
  • Marketing campaign management including e-campaigns
  • Book, conference and training course sales
  • Integration with their e-commerce websites

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The Challenge

It became apparent to PEI that their existing customer engagement system, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and previously implemented by a well-known Microsoft partner, could be improved in many ways. Above all they needed a system that could support continued growth and give customers a world-class online experience that also incorporated an online subscription registration service.

PEI also wanted a more flexible cloud-based system that would improve their in-house subscription management and renewal processes. The system needed to deliver improved internal efficiencies and increase productivity of their staff, streamlining internal processes and reducing the need for manual intervention.

PEI knew that they needed to engage with a new IT supplier that fully understood their industry, could identify their needs and who could also deliver a system that they could rely on to take the business forward.

They chose smartimpact.

Our Solution

smartimpact's support during and after the implementation has been excellent.

Private Equity International


The decision to use smartimpact was made due to our clear understanding of PEI’s requirement and our demonstrated ability to make the project a success.The key functionality areas highlighted to achieve PEI’s requirements were:

  • Sales process and pipeline management
  • Opportunity creation, diary management and follow up
  • Subscription management in hardcopy and/or digital format
  • The ability to generate monthly fulfilment lists
  • Conference organisation and attendee scheduling
  • Automatic subscription renewal management to incorporate PEI’s escalation process
  • New order and order cancellation management
  • Marketing campaigns and management of client data
  • Intuitive dashboards to provide real time sales information for the management team, including activity and performance against target
  • The ability to send out multiple marketing emails and integrate with mailing software
  • Integrating the data in CRM with PEI’s e-commerce website

To deliver these requirements, smartimpact orchestrated a series of short workshops to assess the feasibility of the project and draw up a detailed description of the system functions. This process enabled the team to proceed with minimal disruption on the day-to-day running of the business, while making sure that the system would deliver what was needed.

Having agreed the system scope and look-and-feel, smartimpact’s team configured Microsoft Dynamics CRM with some of their own products as well as custom built modules that were written specifically for PEI. The team was also responsible for data migration to the new system which included extensive data cleansing and de-duplication, leaving PEI with a much smaller and far more accurate database.

Since go live in 2011, smartimpact has been working with PEI to implement addition features and enhancements and, at the time of printing, are upgrading the organisation’s system to the latest version of Dynamics.