Effective membership management requires a thorough understanding of your members, or a 360° view as we call it. The way to get that is to store all your member data in one place so you can analyse it and develop a clear picture of the individuals or organisations that make up your membership.

To get all your data in one place you can go through a manual process of exporting/importing that data into your CRM system or membership database. Or... you can integrate all your business systems that gather data with your CRM.

CRM integration sounds much easier, doesn’t it.

Integrating our smart systems with yours

In a modern world where your organisation has an online presence and specialised software for specific tasks, integration is vital for efficient business processes. We have a 100% internally built connector that allows data to pass to and from various systems without writing any code, speeding up the integration process and minimising the cost. 

What systems can it connect to?

Typical systems we integrate with:

  • Websites and content management systems (CMS)
  • Finance systems such as Sage, QuickBooks and Xero
  • Online learning and collaboration portals

Integrating your CRM with other systems would allow your members to book events, renew their subscription online, sign up for tailored emails, change their contact details etc.

Put simply, integrating your systems that use member data allows your members to take control of their membership. And all without having to sit on hold on the phone, post cheques or any of those other historically slow aspects of dealing with associations.

For more examples of what systems we have connected to date see our case studies»