Our smartevents module is a comprehensive module for events, training, conferences and exhibition management. Using this module, you can manage different kinds of events whether they are simple, multi-session or include accommodation & additional activities. Manage all aspects of your events via CRM, including venues, sponsors, exhibitors and promotion with this module.

Users can manage different types of attendees, including member & non-member delegates, partners, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers, as well as early bird discount bookings, waiting lists and different packages & price plans.

Allow all users to see the status of an event and manage the payment processing aspect with online payments. Keep track of your event budget, measure ROI and produce reports to show how event performances compare.

All via one association management system, smartevents.

What smartevents can do

With smartevents you can:

Manage all aspects of an event in one place

  • Track and manage venues, accommodation, suppliers and logistics
  • See speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates all in one place - makes for easy management as well as much easier badge production and tracking!

Manage the financial aspect in the same place as the logistics

  • With integration to your other business systems you can manage the event booking and payment in the same place as the event itself
  • Offering bespoke event packages, group and early bird discounts is simple too
  • Manage complex VAT calculations for international events and attendees
  • Manage sponsors and related finances

Allow individual, group and table bookings

Provide flexible booking and payment options for your delegates

Manage multiple events at any one time

  • Reduce the risk of something being missed or forgotten
  • See what stage your events are at in planning at any one time

Assign, automate and add tasks to your Outlook

  • Share the workload with colleagues, assign tasks and even add those tasks to your colleagues' Outlook calendar so that they don’t get missed
  • Automate repeated tasks using CRM workflows, making event organisers more productive

Analyse and review your event performance

Identify successful events and those that need more work


 Benefits to you and your members

Highly effective and seamless events

  • From booking to communications to payment, make life easy for your members
  • Free your events team to focus on providing a seamless event on the day

Offer more events meeting your members needs

  • Your team can now manage more events than with manual offline systems and processes
  • Offer more events to help meet your members' needs

Improve your productivity when organising events

  • Automate tasks, share tasks and assign tasks so that nothing gets missed
  • Free your team up to focus on other strategic aspects

Manage the profit/loss for each event

Monitor expenses and compare them to revenues from delegates, sponsors and exhibitors