Groups and committees are at the heart of most of membership organisations and associations. However, managing group members and communication between them can be a challenging task. Our module allows you to manage group members & roles, including permissions for online collaboration as well as defining different communication channels for different roles. It also includes a drag and drop calendar and integration with Outlook for ease of tracking.

What smartgroups can do

With smartgroups you can:

Actively manage group members

  • Manage multiple group member roles with different permissions and communication options
  • Understand and report on the participation of group members
  • Activate/deactivate group membership based on configurable rules - all using automated workflows

Manage group documents, meetings and information easily

  • Invite group members to a meeting using a drag and drop calendar
  • Store meeting notes and actions in one place, complete with content tagging
  • Store all group documents together

Manage the financial aspect of groups too

  • View group fund accounts and paid group subscriptions
  • See and report on group income
  • Manage group member expenses



Benefits to you and your members 

Actively manage your organisation’s groups

  • Understand fully which groups and which members are proactive and which are redundant
  • Manage group finances more easily and see everything in one place

Allow group members to manage the group

  • Enabling groups to manage themselves increases the sense of ownership
  • Reduces the time spent by association staff coordinating meetings and forwarding documents