Groups and committees are at the heart of most of membership organisations and associations. However, managing group members and communication between them can be a challenging task, and many membership management systems do not provide adequate support in this area. Our smartgroups module, which of course shares data seamlessly with smartmembership, smartcms and all our other modules, allows organisations to manage group members & roles, including permissions for online collaboration as well as defining different communication channels for different roles. It also includes a drag and drop calendar and integration with Outlook for ease of tracking.

Functionality includes:

  • Managing the roles and membership of the group/committee, including election
  • Meeting set up
  • Notification of members
  • Distribution of papers prior to the meetings
  • Recording attendance and meeting activities
  • Providing group access to records/minutes etc.
  • Automated processes for managing lapsing or lapsed members

What smartgroups can do

With smartgroups you can:

Actively manage group members

  • Manage multiple group member roles with different permissions and communication options
  • Understand and report on the participation of group members
  • Activate/deactivate group membership based on configurable rules - all using automated workflows

Manage group documents, meetings and information easily

  • Invite group members to a meeting using a drag and drop calendar
  • Store meeting notes and actions in one place, complete with content tagging
  • Store all group documents together

Manage the financial aspect of groups too

  • View group fund accounts and paid group subscriptions
  • See and report on group income
  • Manage group member expenses



Benefits to you and your members 

Actively manage your organisation’s groups

  • Understand fully which groups and which members are proactive and which are redundant
  • Manage group finances more easily and see everything in one place

Allow group members to manage the group

  • Enabling groups to manage themselves increases the sense of ownership
  • Reduces the time spent by association staff coordinating meetings and forwarding documents