The technology

All our membership CRM modules are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is regarded by Gartner & Forrester as the leading mid-market CRM application because of its rich out-of-the-box functionality, its ease of use and low cost of ownership.

The base for our five core modules might be Microsoft Dynamics CRM but it is our customisation that makes them truly Dynamics CRM for membership. Our understanding of the sector has allowed us to develop these modules with membership in mind. They can then be tailored further to meet the individualities of your organisation, effectively giving you bespoke association management software with the comfort of Microsoft usability.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

There are many benefits to using such a widely known CRM system, adapted specifically to membership organisations and professional bodies.

Easy to integrate

  • Native integration with other Microsoft applications
  • Add tasks to your Outlook calendar or record emails you send against a contact in CRM
  • Easily export dynamic data into Excel or use a letter drafted in Word
  • With third party systems... such as website CMS, finance and email marketing platforms

Mobile and tablet friendly

Giving remotely based members of your team easy access to your member data

Fully customisable

  • Our five modules have been customised to meet the needs of membership organisations
  • Each module is further customisable to meet your own organisation’s unique needs

Modules quickly recognisable as Microsoft

  • Gets your administrators used to our modules quickly and easily - if they’ve used Microsoft products, they’ll find our CRM solutions familiar
  • Speeds up the user adoption process and reduces any implementation disruption

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