Up to 75% discount on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for charities

01 February 2019 by Lauren Smith

Are you part of a charity or a membership organisation with a charitable arm? Investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you focus on what matters most. It allows you to get closer to your donors and volunteers to keep all your core operations and communications running smoothly, with less time and effort. In this blog we’ll explore the core benefits Dynamics 365 would bring to your organisation as well as the discounts you may be eligible for.


Dynamics 365 will be a great fit for you if you need to:

  • connect with donors and volunteers and keep them for life!

make every conversation or communication meaningful by taking full of advantage of the 360-degree view you’ll have of your donors and volunteers – you can make sure everything you say to them is directly relevant and grabs their long-term interest

  • manage grants and donations more efficiently

automate personalised reminders and renewals, manage applications, payments and allocation to different funds

  • empower your membership team and increase productivity

seamlessly connect your Members’ data with Office 365, using tools your staff are likely to be very familiar with (Outlook, Word & Excel)

  • draw powerful data insights and business intelligence (BI)

use Microsoft Power BI which allows you to go from raw data to powerful insights within minutes, across all your data sources

  • connect with supporters by tracking what they say about you

analyse trends from your social channels to measure your campaign impact and understand your supporters on a deeper level with Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Insights

  • reduce costs – some massive discounts available

Microsoft allows many nonprofits to benefit from very low pricing options

A closer look at the pricing options for charities:

Pricing options for Dynamics


Standard price







What are the eligibility criteria?

Organisations must be nonprofit or nongovernmental organisations with recognised charitable status in their respective location: for England and Wales, that means registered with the UK Charity Commission and organisations in Scotland must be registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCAR).  In addition, your charity status should also be recorded in HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) records as tax exempt. 

If you meet the above terms, Microsoft will apply a range of other eligibility criteria, a key being you must have a purpose which benefits the community, e.g. in advancing education or preserving culture  If you’d like more information on eligibility, read the discounts and donations for nonprofits article.


How to apply for Charity pricing

The rules are not crystal clear, so we suggest the best way to get charity pricing for Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 is to apply for it online.

Microsoft recommend the following process:

  1. Set up a trial of Office 365 or Dynamics 365. Ensure that the trial is taken out with your charity's details
  2. Once the trial is setup, in the Support section of the Office 365 Administration portal, raise a new support ticket for the Billing department
  3. In the support ticket request that this Office 365 tenant is validated for charity status. Include the following info with the ticket details:
    • Company/organisation name
    • Domain URL e.g. www.mycharity.org
    • A key contact name
    • Registered address including city, post code, and country/region
    • Phone number and email address
  4. Microsoft may contact you for further information to help validate the organisations status
  5. Once approved you will see all subscriptions in the Office 365 portal are available at charity rates.
  6. It’s not instant but worth a try if you think you have a chance of qualifying

Not a charity but do lots of education and training?

If you don’t qualify for charity pricing, you may still be able to get substantial discounts if you are an educational establishment. We’ll cover this in more detail in another blog post soon.

Want to find out more?

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*Team member licences enable employees to collaborate across their organisation by giving them access to wide data, insights and functional capabilities. These light usage licences enable customers to extensively deploy Dynamics 365 at a low monthly rate.