See your data in new ways with Power BI

19 December 2018 by Lauren Smith

There are many software and business platforms on the market that allow you to view and draw insight and business intelligence (BI) from your data. Microsoft’s version is Power BI which allows you to go from data to powerful insights within minutes.


It can help you find patterns to inform future business decisions. For example, BI can help you understand your members better by showing you exactly how, when and where they are interacting with you to get to the why. Once you know the why – you can act accordingly.

In what ways is Power BI useful?

It enables users to view and combine data from multiple data sources without having to integrate them, so it's really cost effective and fast to implement. If you’ve got Microsoft Dynamics 365 – you can easily connect it to Power BI. Once it’s connected, you’ll also be able to:

  • Connect to your data, wherever it lives (in the cloud or on premises)

Access your data from hundreds of supported on-premises and cloud-based sources, such as Dynamics 365, Excel, and SharePoint.

  • Prepare your data and capture insight with ease

Gathering data, analysing it and drawing insight from it can be very time consuming. With Power BI – you can save hours of time by using the self-service ‘Power Query’ experience familiar to many Excel users.

  • View advanced analytics with many features similar to Excel

Use features like quick measures, forecasting, and clustering to dig deep into data sets. You can change the model using powerful DAX formula language. If you are familiar with Excel, then you’ll be able to use Power BI with ease.

  • Create interactive reports customised for your business

Create fun, aesthetically appealing reports using the interactive data visualisations. Design your report with the tools embedded in the software for maximum impact, for example, by using it’s drag-and-drop canvas and choose from 100 cutting-edge data visuals. You can also create your own using the Power BI open source custom visuals framework.

  • Access insights from anywhere

Get visual analytics to the people who need it. Benefit from access to insights from your desk or while on the go with Power BI apps built by Microsoft, our partners and your organisation. For example, you can create mobile reports for on-the-go users.

  • Collaborate, publish and share

Publish reports and dashboards, collaborate with your team, and share insights within and outside of your organisation.

Download the Microsoft eBook on Power BI to learn more, including how to:

  • enable and connect it to your Dynamics Marketing/Dynamics 365/Dynamics 365 Membership Management/Dynamics Membership CRM
  • run Power BI online and via the desktop app
  • create and publish data visualisations

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