Spreading the engagement word

03 May 2017 by Ahmed Eltohamy

We’re all about engagement at the moment. Not the ‘hearts & flowers’ sort but the ‘connecting with your members’ sort.


Last week we engaged with lots of member association executives at Membership Excellence 2017 - 454 of them to be precise! As well as being the official Member Relationship sponsor for the event, we had a stand, which many of the delegates visited to say hello.

The smartimpact team
The smartimpact team

But our main reason to be there was to talk about how to better engage with your members and to launch our new smartengagement module. In a half-hour session, I looked at:

  • Why every membership association should focus more on member engagement
  • The traditional ways organisations measure member engagement - surveys, direct interaction and scoring systems
  • A new way of measuring engagement - meet our new smartengagement index
  • What learning more about members will enable you to do - segment members, provide more personalised communications and move towards lifetime engagement
  • How a membership CRM system can help you do all this

If you’d like to learn more about measuring member engagement, please download our ebook by clicking on the picture below:

Download our Member Engagement ebook
Download our Member Engagement ebook