Takeaways, buzzwords and chatbots

13 March 2017 by Becky Reid

Also known as ‘what happened at the dotmailer summit 2017’. One of the highlights of March this year was our attendance at the inaugural dotmailer summit.


As a dotmailer partner, smartimpact works closely with the UK-based email marketing platform and shares

dotmailer summit

many clients who understand the importance of integrating systems for better member experience and retention.

It is for this reason we were so pleased to be involved in the day, which featured a number of keynote speakers from across commerce, sports & marketing and covered a wide variety of subjects including user & consumer experience; artificial intelligence (AI); and communication trends for 2017.

Our focus at the event was talking to delegates about the benefits of combining Dynamics membership CRM with dotmailer. There was a distinct buzz around the stand on how to automate processes across a membership association (not just the membership or marketing departments) using membership CRM software as the hub. I  spoke with quite a few delegates who were keen to learn how to personalise engagement with their contacts. And not just that. There was a lot of interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM itself, and of course our solutions developed to work within Dynamics. 

Takeaways from the day

Away from the stand there were a number of excellent speaker sessions. For anyone involved in digital and email marketing some key takeaways include:

  • Message first, channel second - yes, an email marketing platform advocating finding the right channel for your message
  • Having said that, email is still king for conversions  with an average success of 25% compared to other marketing channels
  • Keep an eye on the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website for possible changes to data protection rules light of Brexit in addition to GDPR
  • Deliverability of emails is all about reputation - focus on building and maintaining your online reputation and your emails are far more likely to be received
  • Chatbots are big news and will get bigger
  • Your team are the ones who will get you through when the going gets tough, remember them
  • Apparently, you can mute the self-service machine at the supermarket

Read the full live feed from the day for a complete run down »

I shall leave the final learning point to James Cracknell, who was the finale keynote speaker. Talking about being hit by a truck while cycling across America, the live feed summarises what he said rather nicely:

If you believe a ceiling is there, it is the only thing you will ever reach. James took on another cycling race, ‘The Coldest Race on Earth’, a 350 mile race on snow.

If you set yourself a target in life, work, or sport, stick to it; treat it as a true goal. And when you’ve smashed that goal, set another immediately. If you are in control your actions, you can achieve anything.

Why not smash your goal of improving your membership engagement and integrate your CRM and email marketing platforms this year?