The Institute of Leadership & Management

Company overview

The Institute of Leadership & Management (TILM) is a professional membership body for leaders and managers around the world. Its mission is to inspire great leadership - everywhere.


Solution summary

  • smartmembership – to manage individual and corporate memberships
  • smartconnector – for integration with other systems including Preside CMS, dotmailer, SagePay and MyLeadership – our online learning portal
  • smartevents – to manage their events registrations
  • MyLeadership – online learning platform
  • GDPR module

The challenge

TILM needed to move fast due to changes in their business requirements – as part of a demerger, they needed to implement a new CRM system along with a new website and finance system within one year. However, there were only 12 staff, no in-house technical support and they still needed to service the 25,000 members they already had.  

They had quite a few organisational and legacy system issues to resolve:

  • Membership was in decline;
  • the SAP system didn’t manage membership well, and amendments were slow and costly;
  • the SAP solution had been custom built but after personnel changes, nobody still working in TILM really understood how it was supposed to work;
  • their data was limited and in a poor state;
  • staff had limited online access, and most communications were delivered by post;
  • there was limited integration between website, CRM and the finance system;
  • no single-view across membership, qualifications, communications, payments;
  • user experience both online and offline extremely poor;
  • systems were inflexible to change quickly and extremely costly to manage.

But, TILM knew exactly what they needed to fix all this, and wanted a digital transformation which would allow them to benefit from:

  • membership growth, retention and member engagement;
  • flexibility and ease of use for our employees;
  • full integration across systems;
  • great user experience;
  • automation where possible;
  • flexibility for future integrations and developments – this was the start not the end.

They also wanted it to be cost-effective to run and live within one year. No problem!

We decided to move forward with smartimpact to fulfil our brief because we’d already heard good things about them and it was clear from meeting with them that they were doing some innovative things.

Janet Payne, Head of Membership,Institute of Leadership and Management

The solution 

We implemented a new CRM for them and worked with MetaCapability to develop MyLeadership – their online learning and development platform. Pixl8 also supported the website integration to give members access to the content and MyLeadership.

The results

TILM were delighted with their investment of a digital transformation with us.

smartimpact proved to be the right decision and supplier for us. We achieved what we set out to achieve not only on time but to budget. We established a good relationship with their onsite technical teams to resolve issues as well as a strong relationship with their project lead. smartimpact’s support desk were all very responsive which was crucial to our success.

Janet Payne, Head of Membership, Institute of Leadership and Management

Some of the outcomes they achieved after go-live included:

  • Members being able to join, renew and update their account online;
  • Paperless Direct Debits;
  • Membership growth of 21%;
  • Student activation growth of 23%;
  • Retention rates increased by 5%;
  • More accurate data;
  • Automated commucations resulting in a cost saving of £2000 per month

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